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kalyanii is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit making organization working for the development of the deprived section of the society, specially focus on children.contribute to nation by promoting traditional cultural indigenous education ethnic way of life & promoting problem solving ideas in education, economic & cultural sector. Know More About us





A help to those who need it

We spread helping hand to
who are helpless

Our Mission
Empowerment of the marginalised communities towards sustainable and participatory development process. staying in their community with their culture and tradition.
Our vision
‘Establishment of a Peaceful, Just, Aware and Empowered community’. destitute women (helpless) for their care and protection with dignity benevolent individuals .
Becomes a

Provide Food

Provider Cloths

Provide Books

To aid or establish Educational institution like technical arts and science, medical institutes, polytechniques, engineering, community colleges etc.and other related fields for the benefit of downtrodden and weaker sections of the society.

During critical phases of growth, parents and adults must be educated about healthy health development, including mental health and proper nutrition practises.

Women's Rights Information(WRI)

The Women’s Rights Information(WRI) team continues to source and disseminate a wide range of information from news, and analysisto job announcements, new resources, events and appeals and urgent actions.

Building Feminist Movements (BFEMO)

The BFEMO Team is in the final stages of our participatory assessment of the global impact of the Dutch Government’s MDG3 Fund. AWID shared highlights from our aggregate assessment at a recent meeting in the Netherlands that will bring MDG3 grantees together with the grantees from the Fund’s successor:

Our Aim & Activities

Kalyani will look after the technical aspects of family welfare activities; its Analysis Department will help in perspective planning and monitoring and evaluation of the performance of various family welfare programmes.

Comprehensive Law against Domestic Violence

here should be a comprehensive law against violence with a broader definition of domestic violence. The definition should encompass all acts within the home of physical, psychological, emotional, sexual and financial abuse which in effect hurt, degrade or take away the ability of the women to control contact with another individual. The legislation should address women of all ages irrespective of their marital status. Kalyani will work for this dream to come true.

Improve women’s Economic Capacities

We will try to improve women’s access to and control of income and assets, recognise her shared rights to the family home, and incorporate the principle of division of community property in divorce laws. Productive assets and property are critical to strengthening the economic and social status of women, providing income opportunities and improved respect for women outside marriage and family.

Strengthen and expand training and sensitization programme

Programmes designed to train, sensitize and interlink those working at critical entry points to identify and treat abused children and women should be a priority, with one aim being increased accountability across institutions. Such programmes should be tailored for medical personnel, legal and enforcement personnel, the judiciary, counseling and other support service providers.

Effective use of the media to build Public Awareness:

Mobilisation of communities around campaigns such as that for “Zero tolerance of violence” requires NGOs and advocates to work effectively with all forms of media. This requires improved skills and capacity among NGOs to enter new forms of dialogue with journalists and media personnel to heighten awareness of human rights and their significance for addressing suppression and anomalies. Kalyani has this objective on the top of its priorities.