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Upcoming Projects

I) JHURMUTT - House of hope

Jhurmutt is a project for some “MORE & SPECIAL” children in the society……those don’t have their parents or any relatives who can take care of them… basically some of them even don’t have any idea about the family, Mother- Father, Brother-Sister and so on..they born..they grow, some time in children’s home and some time on streets. Kalyani is just trying to collect some of these MORE & SPECIAL Children and provide them good food, good education..and Love…

Our objective to start a very special Center for these more children is..


Promotional Outlets For Rural Artisans

As part of its commitment to cultural validation in rural and tribal areas, Kalyani for Kalyani India has initiated a project to promote the traditional art forms of India. Since many of these art forms are being eroded due to increased mechanization and low wages, our commitment is to ensure that the artisans upholding these traditions are supported and that the youth are encouraged to carry on the work of their ancestors.