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Our Strength

Institutional Strength

Though Kalyani started as an initiative of a few individuals, it grew up to be a formal organizations in later years with the expansion of work and its area. Kalyani has always believed in creating synergy with other stakeholders and organizations working on similar issues. This belief has guided very fruitful partnerships between Kalyani, government agencies, NGOs and other institutions. Presently, Kalyani is a member organization of the important networks like:

Confederation of NGO of Rural India (CNRI): A NGOs network involved in research and advocacy on issues relevant to the civil society
Child Fund India : A network engaged in implementation and advocacy of Children rights.

Multi Stakeholder engagement

In its thirteen years of existence, Kalyani has worked with the community, individuals, volunteers, experts, Doctors, elected representatives, government officials, NGOs, INGOs, Donors, Media agencies etc. Though approach has always been collaborative, but Kalyani has never shied away from raising voice with the community for advocacy on issues like disaster relief, compensations and other entitlements. The Kalyani team is comfortable in working in multistakeholder environments and believes in creating synergies for achievement of agreed upon goals.