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Good Reasons To Donate

+ Every single contribution makes a difference.

Even your small donation will help us to provide a girl with new stationery, books, school shoes and much, much more!

+ Your donation is a personal and rewarding way of making a long-term difference in the life of a girl-child.

By giving a girl an education, you are making the biggest possible impact by empowering her to have a brighter future.

+ The Kalyani's transparency policy.

As a sponsor, you have the right to know what difference your donation is making. We are completely transparent, allowing you to be certain that your donation is going where you intended.

+ Regular journal updates from the Women allow you to follow their personal journey and progress.

The women love sharing their stories in their personal journals, making it possible to experience their journey of education from their own point of view.

Donate Money

Make a charitable contribution to KALYANI We are glad to receive your financial donations.

+ Online Donations

You can donate online using our secure payment processor.

+ By Mail

Make your check payable to “Kalyani India” and mail to:

+ In Recognition

Looking for a unique way to honor a family member, friend or colleague? A gift to KALYANI can be a living tribute on a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. We can make your holiday giving easy and memorable, whether the gift is for business contacts or friends and family. Remembering a loved one with a memorial gift to KALYANI is an enduring tribute. We will mail a notification letter to the person of your choice if you wish to supply us with their name and mailing address; the amount of your gift will be kept confidential

Contact Kalyani

If you have any questions about making a donation, please use our online contact form or contact

Ms. RICHA TIKU, Director at 08010399622 or Kalyaniindia98@gmail.com Ms. NETI SHARMA, Project Director at 09828322024 or Kalyaniindia98@gmail.com.

Advantages of Donating

There are tax advantages to donating to KALYANI All donations to KALYANI are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Financial information about KALYANI and a copy of its solicitation license are available on demand.

Another good cause that it encourages is donation to charities or donations made for public good. This is covered under section 80G of the Income Tax (IT) Act

The benefit available

The importance of the receipt

Now you can donate by GPay by scanning this QR. Donate us to support our mission of Empowerment of the marginalized communities towards sustainable and participatory development process... COME FORWARD AND DONATE Thank you

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